Pentron Clinical

Say hello to the newest members of the Pentron family.

We are now proudly offering products from SpofaDental and DUX Dental.

Dear Valued Customer:
As of January, SpofaDental products, as well as a selection of DUX Dental products, will be part of the Pentron brand!

Since 1967, we've set a standard for quality and value in the dental consumables marketplace. We offer a wide range of proven products from Post & Core to Impression Materials, Temporary Materials to Composites, and Cements to Bonding Agents.

The following products are now only available through Pentron:


  • Composites (Opticor, SuperCor, Evicrol)
  • Adhesives (Retensin Plus)
  • Impressions (Stomaflex family, Siloflex family, Repin, Dentiplast, Elastic Cromo, Ypeen, Ypeen Premium)
  • Temporary Cements (Optitemp automix, Adhesor TC, Adhesor TC NE)
  • Cements (Adhesor family, Kavitan family, Caryosan, LC Varnish, Calxyd)
Sds Family


  • Temporary Cements (ZONEfree, Zone)
  • Alginates (Image Dust-Free)
  • Hydrocolloid Impression Materials (Van R Reversible Hydrocolloid)
Pentron DUX Products 2


Pentron is proud to add these high quality SpofaDental and Dux products to the Pentron portfolio!

As always, we are happy to be at your service. If you have any questions about these products or other Pentron offerings, please call our Customer Service + 420 493 583 277 for assistance. We truly appreciate your interest in Pentron and look forward to working with you and your practice in the future.

Best regards,

James Stine
Business Unit Manager, Pentron