Pentron Clinical

Adhesor™ TC Eugenol Temporary Cement

Adhesor TC is zinc oxide-eugenol temporary cement with outstanding features which are warranty of high comfort for dentists and for their patients. It is characterized by high bond strength and good load resistance. Low solubility in oral fluids impedes creation of leakage between the prepared tooth and restoration. Eugenol contained in this material reduces sensitivity of prepared vital teeth. Adhesor TC also allows really easy removing of the temporaries and of the material from prepared teeth as well as from the restoration

Product benefits

  • Easy mixing in paste-paste system which is able to achieve optimum consistence for durable and complete positioning of the restoration
  • Powerful adhesion to hard dental tissues simultaneously with easy removing of temporaries
  • Easy removable from teeth as well as from restorations – minimal risk of tooth or restoration damage
  • No leakage and sensitivity for chemical and thermal stimulation due to superior marginal seal


  • Cementing of temporary restorations
  • Temporary fixation of permanent restorations
  • Trial cementing of permanent restorations