Pentron Clinical

Simile™ Universal Composite

Simile Universal Composite combines strength and esthetics for both anterior and posterior restorations.  Its nano-hybrid formula has been independently proven* to deliver superior surface smoothness for easy  polishability, superior polish retention, exceptional wear resistance, and outstanding physical properties.

Product benefits

  • Sculptable – handling that will not slump and will not stick to your instrument
  • Polishability – nano-hybrid fillers produce a simple polish that lasts over time
  • Optimum shade selection – available in 20 shades to meet all your esthetic needs


  • Simile Nano Hybrid Composite is a dental restorative material intended for use to restore carious lesions or structural defects in teeth in combination of conditioners such as bonding, luting, etching agents commonly used in tooth restoration.
  • Recommended for Class I, II, III, IV, V and VI Restorations.