Pentron Clinical

Super-Cor™ Universal Light-Cured Microhybrid Composite

Super-Cor is a very popular material due to its easy handling, optimum viscosity and outstanding mechanical properties. This easy-to-use material is suitable for high aesthetic restorations; fabrication of excellent, tooth-like and stable restorations is easy and fast. Super-Cor is available in 18 refill shades which allow you to make tooth-like restorations.

Product benefits

  • Very good mechanical properties due to high filler loading (79% w/w)
  • Pastey consistence – good adhesion to the tooth surface
  • Low sensitivity for the working light
  • Wide range of shades including Incisal (I) and Universal Opaque (UO) shades
  • Higher opacity of enamel shades allows easy aesthetic conformity between the fillings and surrounding tissues (prevents formation of “grey” filling)


  • Direct fillings of Class I to V
  • Reconstructions of traumatic defects of hard dental tissues
  • Aesthetic veneers manufactured by direct Method
  • Repairs of veneers on fixed prosthetic reconstructions
  • Direct build-ups of vital and endodontically treated teeth
  • Cosmetic corrections