Pentron Clinical

TempSpan™ Clear Matrix Material

TempSpan Clear Matrix Material is a clear pre-operative vinyl polysiloxane impression material that is ideal when creating templates for direct composite and provisional restorations. When used in conjunction with our clear impression trays the translucency of this material permits intra-oral polymerization of any light cure composite or TempSpan Dual Cure Temporary Crown & Bridge Material. With an oral set time of 2 minutes, TempSpan Clear Matrix Material is a significantly faster alternative to vacuum-formed splints, alginate, and hand-mixed putties.

Product benefits

•  Clear vinyl polysiloxane formula – enables intra-oral polymerization minimizing chair time
•  Time-saver – working time of 1 minute and an oral set time of 2 minutes shorten provisional procedures
•  Auto-mix delivery system – eliminates messy, time-consuming hand mixing


• A clear template for intra-oral polymerization of light activated materials to create temporary restorations.
• A general impression material for monophase impression technique.