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Veneer Cement

Veneer Cement

Mojo Veneer Cement is a light cure, esthetic cementation system that is designed for use with porcelain, ceramic, and composite veneer restorations. The simple, highly versatile selection of shades allows this material to be used with a wide range of veneer cases, while offering the least amount of shift available.* The corresponding water-soluble Try-In gels, included in the comprehensive kit, allow for a perfect match every time.

*Compared to leading materials.

Product benefits

  • Easy cleanup – simply light cure for 1–2 seconds and remove excess cement
  • Undetectable shade shift – the restoration stays the same shade as on the first day you cured the cement
  • Versatile shade options – allows you to warm or brighten the restoration easily for a natural look; shades can be mixed for superlative shade customization
  • Simple storage – no refrigeration needed and easily stored at room temperature


  • Bonding of porcelain, ceramic, and composite veneers.

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